Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Brave New World of Blogging...

There is a cruel wind blowing through our generation. Some of us feel it, and if the rest of us don’t, perhaps it is because we lack the perspective to see what is going on. But here is the truth. We have forgotten where we sit in the unfolding of history.

Our generation will stop at nothing in the vain pursuit of self-promotion and self-expression. Our attitude towards the past can be summed up by Calvin’s conviction that, “up till now, all history has been moving toward its culmination… namely, the emergence of myself onto the scene.” (I’m referring to Calvin & Hobbs, mind you, not the Reformer.)

Past generations recognized the importance of building upon the work and experiences of those who have come before us, and they applied this truth to incredible results. Isaac Newton confessed that “if I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” We, however, have forgotten our proper place as humble dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants.
So, why another blog in this culture of egocentric self-indulgence?

The mission of “Standing on Shoulders” is to band together in order to enlighten each other (and all whom the Lord might bring our way) concerning the power of God’s providential oversight of history. Doing so will help us to see our own failures and ignorance in light of a great cloud of witnesses who offer up so great a testimony if we would but hear them. In turn, we believe this great cloud of witnesses has much to offer as we seek to interpret and speak to the culture in which we live today.

Joseph A. Gould
Adam Winters
Adam B. Embry
Jason Adkins
Matthew Crawford

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Recommended Blog

Here's a good idea for redeeming the blogging culture:
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A Ph.D. candidate at Trinity, Mark Rogers is hard at work establishing a history blog.
Here's to Mark, making the blogging world much better, one post at a time!