Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The NEW "SBTS" ???

Apparently as of around 4:45 pm today, trying to access the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's website (www.sbts.edu) will automatically redirect you to the site of another seminary.... the School of Bible Theology Seminary and University. That school's website is the eerily similar address, www.sbts.org. For some reason, not only is sbts.edu redirecting there but when you click on Southern Seminary's Google link it also takes you to SBTSU.

From this...

To this.....?

I know Southern Seminary has put a lot of work into their web redesign for the 150th anniversary, but I'll bet they never bargained for an obscure school in San Jacinto, CA stealing their domain name.... at least for about 15 minutes or so on February 24. ;-)

Hmm... I smell a cordially written letter of legal nature on the horizon. Seriously, though, you have to wonder why the School of Bible Theology Seminary and University didn't go with www.sbtsu.org. Something smells fishy.

Edit: Southern Seminary seems to have reclaimed their domain name as of 4:55 pm. I'm very happy as I will be able to check my student email again. :-D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Lovin'!

Some Valentine's Day funnies for your consideration:

Good breath is essential to getting your cousins to help you protect a good blood line!
Printed in the Comics section of the Louisville Courier Journal, 1958

Dennis the Menace teaches us some suave around the ladies. (1958)

A Valentine's Day tradition courtesy of Sonic the Hedgehog!

And was this Sonic's inspiration? Winnie the Pooh breaks PSA ground reminding us not to let someone "touch you in a not-ok-way"!