Friday, May 02, 2008

It's How You Play the Game

I found this to be a fascinating story. Imagine, you're a player on a softball team in playoff contention, playing a team that's in the same boat as you. You give up a homerun to potentially lose the game, but just when you thought it was over, the baserunner injures her knee running the bases. The ump rules that unless the player comes around to touch home plate, the home run doesn't count. You think, "her teammates will carry her home." But, no, that's against the rules. So that means your team is suddenly in a great position to win and advance.

Now, the only thing that can keep you from victory is if you decide that some things in life are more important than wins and loses.

An amazing act of charity to say the least.

I wonder if the Red Sox would help out a Yankees player in a similar situation?