Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Iron Sharpens Iron" or "Spiderman Returns"

Matthew Crawford offered his thoughts on the flawed spiritual foundation of two of this summer's biggest blockbuster movies. One of them was, you guessed it, Spiderman 3.

Matt makes some insightful points that I avoided for spacial reasons in my original critique of the movie [Read it here]. Although he takes a very different conclusion away from the movie than I did, his insight is a wonderful example of how we need other voices in the Kingdom of God to illuminate the full truth of Scripture.

In the end, we both agree that Spiderman 3 is an imperfect movie when judged against the criteria of Scripture. However, I stand by my analysis that the movie does have commendable relative merits for what it was made to be: a superhero movie about struggling with personal depravity, forgiveness, and reconciliation of friendships. Does it succeed in telling the whole story? Of course not, and Matt makes that fact oh so clear. That said, I still recommend the movie for both enjoyment and evaluation. Just remember, Christians are never given a free pass to turn their brains off for anything!

But even more than Spiderman 3, I recommend everyone check out Matt's articulate cultural commentary [Click it here!]. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Your faithful readers are waiting for another cultural commentary from A. G. Winters! What shall be next?

    The philosophical foundation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles?

    A one-on-one cage match between Darkwing Duck and Scrooge McDuck?

    Will you finally finish your defense of a plot within Napoleon Dynamite?

    We wait with anticipation. (and I'm not being sarcastic!)