Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Death of Conservativism in America: Andy Griffith Goes Blue

In a pro-choice rally before Planned Parenthood, Barak Obama called for the end of the "culture wars" in America, calling them "just so 90s." Now it seems he may have his way. Last week Colin Powell made headlines in his endorsement of Obama's presidental campaign. It was a hard hit for the McCain camp, but this week's bombshell may effectively signal the death kneel of small town conservativism in America:

Oh, Andy, say it ain't so...
Still, even I have to admit that this is very well made and effective. I love Andy's comment about avoiding the "butterfly ballot." Almost prevents me from crying myself to sleep...


  1. As a fan of the Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days, and even more recently Arrested Development (with Opie and The Fonz), that is a bit saddening.

    Where's Chuck Norris now that Huckleberry's gone? Is he backing McCain?

  2. Take heart, conservatism as an ideal cannot be killed, as with any idealogy. The next 2-4 years will be a time of great conservative resurgence when the failure of liberal policies becomes apparant again. These things always go in cycles.

  3. Conservatism in America died long ago. Now it will just be obvious to everyone.

  4. I am certainly excited about what an Obama presidency will bring to our beleaguered nation. He is very articulate to be sure, and seemingly has the intellect and composure to be successful in the highest office of the most powerful nation on earth. However, I am a little skeptical about his level of experience, alleged ties to unsavory organizations and religious affiliations. I voted for him, primarily because of bitterness at the incompetence of the Bush administration. I remain disenfranchised with America so far in the 21st Century, and came across a political graphic that does a fairly good job in capturing this sentiment.